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Why You Need a Full Digital Marketing Strategy to Sell on Amazon

Amazon is becoming more competitive for sales with its consistently growing playing field. One of the biggest challenges faced by sellers is to increase the visibility of your Amazon page. If customers can not find your products, it may be time to implement a new strategy including a full digital marketing plan. Here are a few things to consider when launching this plan!

Optimize Product Descriptions for Search

Selling your products is not easy in a competitive and crowded marketplace like Amazon. If you need loyal customers, you have to work on the visibility of your store. Make sure that your products are available for them when they start finding. Your details for Amazon must include product title, search terms, product identifiers, color, size, etc. Avoid skimming on this information because customers use these types of details to find a product.

Pay Attention to the Requirements of Category

Amazon has almost 20 off limits categories for an average seller. Before you start working, it is essential to understand the types of gated categories.

  • Collectible and specialist categories are for niche experts with high-quality standards. Some examples are fine art, sports memorabilia, and collectible coins.
  • High-liability and hazardous categories are for products that could be dangerous for shoppers. Amazon wants to avoid lawsuits, so they produce this category. They sell games, toys, food, cosmetics and major appliances in this category.
  • High-maintenance categories are for advanced sellers because they have high return ratios, colors, sizes and more. Amazon wants to ensure that the seller understands the outcomes before selling their products. Clothing and fashion fit in this category.
  • High-quality and expensive categories are for costly items over $100 price points. These items need an expert to sell. These categories have jewelry, watches and fine art.

Advertise Your Amazon Listings

External promotion is necessary for Amazon listing to drive maximum traffic to your listings. With the promotion, you can hook shoppers who are not on Amazon. External advertising is possible with social media, backlinks, and SEO.

You can create ads on social media and connect with influences to increase awareness of your products. Social media is a great place to link back your listings. SEO allows you to include keywords. With these keywords, your target buyers can search for products.

Internal Promotions

Be sure to manage your internal promotions properly. For example, your internal promotions will require you to say that you are an Amazon seller and want to sell women’s handbags. Keep in mind that you have several competitors on Amazon. There are more than 40,000 sellers offering handbags of women.

Handbags are not exceptional because Amazon is saturated with wholesalers. To get a competitive advantage, you should find ways to increase the visibility of listings in the marketplace.

Choose Top Keywords

Add the right keywords to bullet points, description, and title. Keywords will increase the visibility of your products. Make sure to choose long tail or short keywords. Fortunately, online tools are available to generate keywords.



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