Holiday Prep & Awareness Consideration

This webinar series on brand building and profitability is a great way to learn more about the eCommerce world and the opportunities a brand can have across different marketplaces and channels.  This webinar series has covered topics such as maximizing profitability, multi-channel expansion, intentional growth, retail readiness, and more!  If you weren’t able to catch the episodes live, visit the aiCommerce blog to access the video recordings! 

Our most recent episode featured Jeff Campbell and Christian Hall, discussing holiday preparation tips for 2023 and awareness consideration.  Check out some of the top takeaways from the episode below.

  •  It is forecasted that we will see a 4.5% eCommerce growth in the 2023 holiday season.

  •  Test social commerce this holiday season - TikTok is a gold mine for new business!

  •  Take advantage of the upcoming Prime Big Deal Days!  It will kickoff the holiday spending season.

  •  Use Sponsored Display to reach your target audience.

  •  Many consumers are starting their search journeys on YouTube, Instagram, and TikTok. 

Access the episode now by filling out the form below, and start your journey to better brand building across channels.

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