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Jamin Arvig @ GHTA Pt. 2

Multi-Channel Strategies and Tips for Home Goods Brands

Jamin Arvig, co-founder of aiCommerce, spoke at the recent Gift & Home Trade Association Conference.  During his presentation, Arvig covered topics such as eCommerce insights and pitfalls, profit maximization, retail readiness, multi-channel approach for mid-market companies, and more. This dynamic presentation provides strategies, tips, and tricks for brands looking to emerge in the eCommerce space and achieve multi-channel growth.  In this part, Arvig reviews 10 common eCommerce pitfalls for brands to avoid, how to find the true cost of your products, and determining your profitability by channel.  Fill out the form below to access the second part of this insightful and educational presentation.


Make sure to stay tuned for the final part of Arvig's presentation, where he will review a case study on omni-channel growth and brand management.

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