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Amazon FBA Inventory Limits Hurting Sales? 3 Potential Solutions for Sellers

Inventory availability can make or break your success on Amazon, making sure you have stock on hand ensures you can get it to your shoppers quicker. As Amazon grows, the control over the amount of inventory you are allowed to keep, gets more strict. With this challenge ahead of you, there are things you can do to be more efficient and overcome the challenge. There are 3 solutions we see as a great fit to this issue.

Aggressive Forecasting

Sending more frequent shipments to Amazon ensures that you keep the inventory available, and as close to capacity as possible. With more aggressive forecasting you will be able to monitor the sales at a closer look and know better how many to send on a weekly basis. Under normal circumstances, you can restock inventory on a monthly basis, but with the limits and restrictions currently, you may benefit greatly from a bi-weekly or weekly evaluation of available stock. Setting baselines for orders will make this process easier as well, restocking when a certain threshold of sales is achieved can be used as a trigger to order more.

Explore Amazon’s Subscribe and Save Feature

If you are selling an item that is eligible for Subscribe and Save, this can be a great option to maximize the limited stock. This gives you automated restock and can give you more insights to the sales pace and OOS possibilities. Consumers will also be more likely to utilize this feature and save some money on every order. This not only will increase sales and help with inventory but it also creates reoccurring consumers and builds your brand loyalty.

Evaluate Fulfilled by Merchant Options

If this creates too much of a roadblock to business, you may also explore Amazon’s option to fulfill your own products from a warehouse or storage of your choosing. FBM or Fulfilled by Merchant eliminates the need to store your items in an Amazon fulfillment center and worry about inventory levels. Although this does take away the Prime badge, you will be able to achieve that with a small series of tests of your own fulfillment.  You will end up saving money in fees, but will be responsible for more of the Customer Service and Returns.




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