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How Can Social Media Grow Your Amazon Business?

Amazon is a great place to sell your products, the problem is that Amazon is getting overly crowded and advertising is getting increasingly expensive.  Now more than ever, to get the most out of Amazon, you have to know how to market your business on social media.  In addition to growing brand awareness, bypassing competitors’ ads and building loyalty, marketing on social can help grow your sales on Amazon.  Here’s how you can use social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram to grow your business on Amazon.

Organic social media marketing is any activity that doesn’t require a budget, such as posting, commenting, replying to messages, or interacting with other accounts. Organic marketing is all about growing brand awareness and engaging with your audience. Make sure you establish your strategy that includes:

  • Choose your networks
    • This step should include a competitor analysis, a review of what each platform offers and where your target audience is most likely to be reached
  • Plan your content/voice
    • Such as images and videos that display your brand’s values and aesthetic. Do you want your brand to be seen as witty, earnest, fun, no-nonsense, etc.?
  • Determine your goals & KPIs
    • Besides revenue, what else do you want to measure? When it comes to non-promotional posts, a strategy needs to be put in place for how your brand will engage with the audience and then determine success.

Paid social media marketing is about reaching your consumer through paid efforts on social media. These can include influencers, paid advertisements, sponsorships, and much more. Here are some key strategies not often talked about that you can use to maximize your social media marketing power:

Thanks to the Amazon Attribution Program, you can attribute on-Amazon sales to off-Amazon promotions. If a customer finds your products through social media, and if you’ve placed the trackable link created through the Amazon Attribution Program, you’ll be able to get data such as clicks, Amazon listing views, and purchases. Amazon attribution is key if you want to optimize your campaigns and maximize your marketing dollars.

Use Social Media to Help Capture Customer Email Addresses

Most Amazon sellers know that Amazon prevents you from capturing user’s email addresses. That is why you need to strategize on how you can obtain emails through off-Amazon channels.  Social media offers many solutions here, but you’ll have to do your research or work with an agency to see what will work best based on your audience and which platform you are targeting.  Each platform has different tools and they are often changing.

One great example of how to utilize social media marketing to drive Amazon sales is through product giveaways. Amazon used to run a program called Amazon Giveaways, but it ended it 2019 which was disappointed because it was a great marketing tool in many ways.  An excellent alternative is to run product giveaways through social media marketing.  Promoting your Amazon listings through giveaways held on your social media channels is a natural way to raise interest in your products on Amazon.

Social media has become an integral part of our lives.  From posting to Instagram or tweeting on Twitter, we’re all living in a social-media-driven world. For any business, it’s important to have a presence on social media.  Many businesses are now using social media to grow their reach.  This is especially relevant for Amazon sellers, who are looking for a way to stand out from the crowd.

While there are some risks involved, including social media burnout or having less time to work on your business, there are also many benefits.  Social media platforms have been proven to improve customer engagement and ratings both on Amazon and in general.  There are also other advantages of using social media like connecting with influencers.  Reach out to us if you want to learn more about how you can grow your Amazon business through the power of social media.


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