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Post Purchase PRO Podcast

Discover the Path to Profitable Growth

Jeff Campbell, co-founder and President of aiCommerce, featured on an episode of the Post Purchase PRO Podcast.  During the episode, Campbell discussed different marketing strategies for maximizing profitability across channels, and some of the great opportunities for sellers to expand their reach across channels.  Check out some of the top takeaways from the podcast here:

  • 56% of US brands use more than 5 retail media networks
  • Competition on Amazon is high - consider a multi-channel approach 
  • TikTok Shop is a great place to consider expansion, with lower CPCs than other major marketplaces
  • Consumers are starting their searches on Amazon, Walmart, TikTok, and more instead of typical search engines

Listen to the full episode below!


To hear more inside perspectives from aiCommerce co-founder and President Jeff Campbell, check out his appearances on Yardline, Modern Merchant, and our very own brand building webinar series



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